Daily maintenance method of glass curtain wall

(1) During the warranty period, the supplier shall conduct regular inspection and return visit, and eliminate the quality hidden danger in time if found.

(2) The rubber strip and glue injection shall be inspected at any time, and if any fall off or damage is found, it shall be replaced or repaired in time.

At present, most of the silicone adhesives used in China are domestic silicone adhesives and imported silicone adhesives, and they can only be used after the compatibility test conducted by the national designated testing unit.

Note that the repair must be carried out after complete curing (24h). When repairing, the damaged parts shall be cleaned up and the length shall be more than 2 / 3.

(3) Clean with window cleaner regularly.

(4) Surface repair: repair paint for local damage or scratch.

Brown touch up paint and white touch up paint: bosny

(5) Inspection

First, surface inspection: visually inspect the surface for damage. Second, internal inspection: check whether the glass is damaged, and replace it in time in case of damage. The connectors shall be inspected regularly for corrosion and looseness. Whether the hardware has functional barriers. Whether the adhesive strip falls off or cracks, and whether the coating is defective. Check the parts for damage. Whether the glass is dewy.

Post time: Mar-10-2020


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