Low-E glass curtain wall

1.Low-E glass, leading the architectural frontier

The outer wall of Shanghai global financial center is decorated with LOW-E glass curtain wall, which meets the needs of safety, beauty and energy saving. The architectural style is fashionable and magnificent. The appearance of Beijing sunrise Oriental Kempinski Hotel is round. The 4-story Low-E glass not only meets the requirements of light and transparent appearance of the building, but also achieves the internal heat preservation and energy saving effect. The etihadta building in the United Arab Emirates is composed of five buildings, with full Low-E glass curtain wall, overlooking the unparalleled urban scenery and island landscape. Each building represents an era, witnessing the development of the city.

2.Architectural aesthetics, Low-E glass

Glass curtain wall is a new type of contemporary wall representative. It organically unifies building aesthetics, building function, building energy saving and building structure, so that the building presents different colors from different angles, and gives people dynamic beauty with the changes of sunshine, moonlight and light.

3.Isolation from light pollution, healthy office

Low-E ultra white glass can effectively block ultraviolet rays, isolate harmful light pollution, reduce indoor radiation, 360 ° comprehensive lighting, make sunlight more transparent, connect indoor natural light and space, restore the city’s high-quality office environment, realize the ideal business office aesthetic concept, enjoy the special scale of the city center, and show the way of architectural aesthetics.

4.Noise reduction expert, quiet office

The noise reduction performance of Low-E ultra white glass is far superior to that of ordinary glass, greatly improving the sound insulation effect. Even though there are lots of cars and whistles outside the window, the office is quiet. Windows and windows are like two worlds, which make enterprises have a quieter and more focused office environment.

5.Intelligent environmental protection, warm in winter and cool in summer

Low-E ultra white glass greatly reduces the heat exchange between the indoor and outdoor environment through the glass. The middle vacuum layer realizes the heat reflection and ultra-low heat conduction function, reduces the indoor heat loss, and creates a comfortable working space with warm winter and cool summer.

6.Visual beauty, enjoy the bright scenery

Hollow Low-E ultra white glass not only blocks the noise, but also reduces the ultraviolet rays, regulates the indoor temperature of the office space, enjoys comfortable office, transparent panoramic vision, and demonstrates the visual beauty from the inside to the outside, with a panoramic view of the bright city.

Post time: Mar-10-2020


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