Types of windows

1. Casement window

The casement window is generally divided into single leaf and double leaf. This kind of window is very simple, making and installation is also relatively simple, in the ventilation, lighting effect is also relatively good, good sealing, sound insulation, insulation effect are very good, so it is widely used. There are two ways to open the window: internal opening and external opening. Internal opening is convenient for cleaning the window. However, if you want to leave enough space for opening the window, all of them will occupy more space, and the waterproof effect is not good. And the outside window can play a very good waterproof role, because it is open to the outside, so it also saves indoor space. But because it’s open to the outside, the quality requirements are very high.

2.Sliding window

Push-pull windows are common in modern wind decoration. They are not only good in appearance, good in sealing, but also cheaper in price. What’s important is to save space, which is the welfare of small rooms. There are two types of sliding windows: up and down, left and right. They are in good stress state and not easy to break. However, the area that this kind of window can open is relatively small, and the field of vision is not as large as that of a casement window. When one of the windows is open, if you want to fully open it, the other one cannot be opened, and the ventilation area is limited.

Three. Shooting window

In fact, shooting window is very similar to opening window, but the installation position of hinge is different. Its hinge is installed at the top position. Shooting window is relatively safe, and the size of opening is limited. Generally, it is about a few centimeters. It can not enter from the outside, which can not only have the effect of ventilation but also prevent the invasion of thieves. This kind of window is generally used in office buildings, toilets and other places, and can even be used together with casement windows and sliding windows.

4.Top hung window

Top hung window can be said to be a combination of casement window and projection window, which can be opened from above or casement window. When the casement window is closed, push the upper part of the window, there is a gap of about 10 cm, but when the upper part is opened, the window is suspended in the air, so people call it the upper suspension window. It is a kind of window type that is gradually popular in recent years. It has the advantages of good ventilation effect of casement window and inherited the safety of shooting window. No one can use this kind of window at home.

5.European window

As the name implies, there are two opposite windows. In addition to the features of the European style window, the top half of it is semicircle, and the bottom half is symmetrical rectangle. Generally, European style houses use more. It is mainly influenced by the European rural style. They emphasize the change of streamline, so they have this feature. The main features are sound insulation, ventilation and lighting.


The louver has many fixed strips, which can be rotated and adjusted to control the intensity of light. Because the louver can’t be completely closed, it can’t be used alone. It is usually used in combination with flat window, sliding window, etc.

7.French window

Floor to ceiling windows are very popular in recent years. Their lighting effect is very good. They can also reflect the owner’s life taste and quality of life.

The material selection of floor to ceiling windows must be of good quality. First of all, we need to consider the problem of cleaning. The floor to ceiling windows are relatively high and large in area, so cleaning is a big problem. At this time, you can choose the clean free glass material to reduce cleaning troubles. Friends living in cities are often disturbed by noise, so you can choose the floor to ceiling materials Choose double-layer sound insulation glass; in terms of safety, you can choose alloy material with strong bearing capacity.

Post time: Mar-10-2020


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