What is the difference between float glass and flat glass

At present, the common flat glass that can be seen on the market is float glass.

Float glass refers to a production process of flat glass. The forming process of float glass is completed in a tin bath filled with protective gases (N2 and H2). The molten glass continuously flows into the tank and floats on the surface of tin liquid with high relative density. Under the action of gravity and surface tension, the glass liquid spreads and flattens on the tin liquid surface, forming a flat upper and lower surface, hardening, cooling and then being led to the transition roller table. When the roller of the roller table rotates, the glass belt is pulled out of the tin bath and enters the annealing furnace. After annealing and cutting, the flat glass product is obtained. The float method is compared with other forming methods.

Its advantages are: it is suitable for high-efficiency manufacturing of high-quality flat glass, such as no ribs, uniform thickness, flat upper and lower surfaces, and parallel with each other; the scale of the production line is not limited by the forming method, the energy consumption per unit product is low; the utilization rate of finished products is high; It is easy to manage scientifically and realize the mechanization and automation of the whole line, with high labor productivity; the continuous operation cycle can be as long as several years, which is conducive to stable production; it can provide suitable conditions for online production of some new varieties, such as electro float reflective glass, coated glass during annealing, cold end surface treatment, etc.

Other processes, such as vertical lead-in process, have been basically eliminated due to low efficiency and poor quality.

Post time: Mar-10-2020


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